The Steven T. Fox Law Firm does not believe you should have to pay an attorney to simply talk with you and give you a good, honest evaluation of your case. Consequently, I make sure to make myself available for a free initial consultation, either in person or on the phone. And I do my best to respond as quickly to your concerns as possible. I understand that it's normal for clients to feel stress, fear and anxiety after the initial Arrest. I can help put your mind at ease by talking with you through the process and giving your roadmap to a successful resolution of your case.

If I accept your case, I will personally handle every aspect of your representation. I purposely limit the number of people that I represent so I can continue to give my clients the most personal and dedicated representation possible. I'll also be available to communicate with you via phone, text or email.  And since I limit the number of cases that I handle, you can be confident knowing that your case will be a priority, and that I will personally oversee all aspects of your defense. You can feel comfortable knowing that I'm going to give your matter the personal attention it deserves.

Dedicated DUI / OVI Attorney

In Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.